Wages for this program start at $13.60/hr, and when you are finished you will be making $26.66/hr.


Residential Wiremen work solely in residential settings (single and multi-family dwellings) during construction and renovation. This is a three year apprenticeship program.


The apprenticeship includes a combination of on-the-job training and coursework. Your on-the-job training will usually consist of a standard forty hour work week with a contractor we assign you to. Courses usually take place in the evening, twice a week, with the occasional Saturday class. The combination of working and taking classes simultaneously makes for a rigorous schedule. Please consider whether you are prepared to invest the time and energy it will take in order to be successful in the apprenticeship.


A requirement of completing this program is earning your Residential Wireman license. The current Residential Wireman wage is $26.66. Before you receive your license, you will receive a certain percentage of the Wireman wage, depending on what pay period you have reached. You receive periodic pay increases throughout the program.


How to Apply


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